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External Wind Tunnel Balances

6 Component Overhead External Wind Tunnel Balance

The Ate AEROTECH (ATE) Overhead External 6 Component Wind Tunnel Balance is a precision instrument, designed for accurate measurement of the aerodynamic loads on scale model racing cars. Located above the test section of a wind tunnel, it allows the user to test models with a moving belt ground plane without compromising the balance measurements. The moment resolution centre is designed to be coincidental with the top surface of the tunnel floor. The balance separates the total aerodynamic load into its six individual components and then each component is measured by a single dedicated, highly accurate loadcell without the need to sum or difference signals in computer software.



Typical Technical Summary

ComponentLoad Range
Fx Drag1000 N
Fy Side Force500 N
Fz Down Force3000 N
Mx Roll Moment150 N
My Pitch Moment600 N
Mz Yaw Moment250 N

Automatic lift tare compensation: Up to 500 kg (model and strut weight combined) Overload Capacity: Up to 50% fsd in all components Approximate Space Envelope: 2.1m long x 1.87 wide x 1.3m high Weight: Approximately 2000 kg


  • External overhead virtual centre wind tunnel balance
  • Designed specifically for model race car testing
  • 6 aerodynamic components measured separately
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Low deflection
  • Model tare compensation system
  • On board control and data acquisition system
  • Automatic calibration verification system
  • Automatic locking system for model rigging safety
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