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Force and moment measurement

Internally mounted Strain gauged balances (Wind Tunnel Testing)

Manufactured from a single billet of high-grade maraging steel, these devices are machined and spark eroded to enable all 6 aerodynamic forces and moments to be separated and measured with a strain gauged bridge. The devices are temperature-compensated and calibrated to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

These devices can either be mounted at the end of a ‘Sting’ support – usual for aircraft testing, or can be bolted to a flat flange/plate within a model (race car, etc).  Taper joints are typical for sting support mounting.

ATE has also supplied a race car internal balance with an integral airline to allow high pressure air to be supplied to the model

6 component Internal vehicle balances (with and without airline)

6 component sting-mounted (taper fixings) for aircraft testing.


Aerodynamic Test Equipment Ltd (ATE) developed its unique expertise in custom designing and manufacturing special purpose, single axis and multi-component, strain gauged loadcells and internal force balances from many years experience in supplying to the stringent requirements of the Aerospace and Motorsport Industries. Devices have been used for the testing of high speed aircraft and missiles, Formula 1 racing cars and for many other diverse industrial applications. Every unit is uniquely designed and manufactured for a client’s individual requirements

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