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Force and moment measurement

Custom load cells

A variety of designs of custom single and multi-axis load cells can be manufactured to assist with model and any full-scale testing applications.

Typical Applications

  • Multi-Axis Sting Balances for aircraft research
  • Front and Rear Wing, Body and Wheel loads on racecar models
  • Suspension, Pushrod and Wing loads on full scale racing cars
  • Harsh Environment Industrial Weighing
  • Continuous Process Weighing and Monitoring
  • High Speed Train and Rolling Stock Aerodynamics
  • Heavy Goods Transport Aerodynamics
  • Sports Equipment Design and Regulation Conformity
  • Body Components on Production Cars (eg Wing Mirrors)
  • Mechanical Linkage System Loads and Activation Sensing
  • Multi-Axis Weighing Platforms
  • Helicopter and Turbine Propeller Rotor Loads
  • Loads in Tensile Testing Machines



  • Single Axis – Tension, Compression or Torque
  • Multi-Axis – Up To 3 Forces and 3 Moments in One Loadcell
  • High Accuracy and Rigidity
  • Low Thermal Effects
  • Environmental Protection as Required
  • Incorporation Within Motion Systems
  • Comprehensive Calibration
  • One Offs or Batch Quantity
  • Custom Designed for any Application
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