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Our legacy began with a simple promise

Commited to the highest standards.

Since 1985, ATE has provided aerodynamic test equipment for wind tunnel testing as well as supplying state of the art test and robotic equipment for a myriad of other complex engineering applications. Our worldwide clients work in the educational, research, industrial, automotive, motorsport, aerospace and defence sectors. ATE enables its customers to develop efficient and competitive products for their markets. We do this by consistently producing highly accurate equipment to exacting specification and on time.

ATE has a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing test equipment . We are a specialist engineering company that provides highly accurate and cost-effective systems for a variety of aerospace, automotive, defence and motorsport applications. We can provide either tailor made solutions or standard off the shelf products that meet our customer requirements.

Our highly experienced and innovative engineering team can help our clients solve the most difficult technical challenges with speed and confidence. We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with our customers from concept to completion of every project.

ATE is an BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015 accredited company that is based in East Sussex in the United Kingdom. We have a fully equipped facility with design, assembly, manufacture, and test capabilities together with extensive electronics and software areas.

ATE is Commited to the highest standards



Aerotech, the forerunner to ATE, was originally formed by Mervyn and Sarah Cullimore in 1985 in a garden outbuilding on their premises.


By 1986, the business had been awarded contracts from Brabham Motor Racing Developments (F1), the Indian Institute of Technology and Team Lotus for the provision of force measurement balances and had moved to industrial premises.

Continued growth saw the company moving to larger industrial premises in Heathfield in order to provide overhead external balances for the University of Bath and the Royal Naval Engineering College (UK) and towing tank systems for marine applications and the upgrading of various wind tunnels.


During the 1990's Aerotech offered and won large scale underfloor balances and floor mounted Probe Traverse Systems for KAFA and KARI in South Korea and also model positioning, internal balances and motion systems for various F1 teams.


A further move to its current 1300 square meter facility with overhead crane and in-house machining facilities, was required. This allowed the company to offer large scale flow measurement traversers for Chrysler (USA) and the PSA (France) aero-acoustic wind tunnels as well the construction of a Test Section for a well-known F1 team. In addition, large scale external balances were produced for icing wind tunnel applications in Italy and designed to operate at sub zero temperatures.

In 2009 in addition to many other projects undertaken within ATE's expanding product portfolio, ATE provided a high accuracy, floor mounted traverser for NASA.


ATE was engaged by Daimler (Mercedes) in 2011, to provide a flow traverser system for their new aero acoustic wind tunnel in Germany. Contracts were also awarded to supply two underfloor wind tunnel balances for the United States Naval and Air Force Academies.

Over the next decade the company went on to offer research grade wind tunnels for UK universities, a rolling road for the University of Surrey and external balances and model positioning systems for the National Wind Tunnel Facility (NWTF) in the UK.


The company survived the challenges of the COVID 19 outbreak and has maintained a steady growth to the present day, adding further to its existing product portfolio of aerodynamic testing products to now also offering test solutions for automotive, renewables and aerospace applications and we invite you to peruse our website for more information.

ATE has worked with many Global industry players, among them are:
“ATE Aerotech provided a virtual centre balance and sting support for the (NIAR) National Institute for Aviation Research - we couldnt have reached that level of expertise without them.”
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