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Smoke generators units provide a well-defined flume of non-toxic smoke for introduction into the airflow to aid the visualization of laminar and turbulent flow patterns around test models.


The Ate-AEROTECH wind tunnel smoke generator is designed to facilitate the observation of air movements in many types of flow situations. It is ideally suited for use in wind tunnels for aerodynamic testing. The portable smoke generator is easily transported to the site of investigation, is rapid and convenient to set up, is easy to use and above all non-hazardous to health.

The smoke is produced by peristaltically pumping an innocuous, medicinal quality, white oil from the control unit to the tip of the probe, where a low voltage electrical coil heats it to produce a dense plume of smoke at exactly the point where it’s needed.

The Probe is shaped to minimise wake generation that would otherwise invalidate observations thus emission of the smoke into the air stream is smooth and steady and is easily controlled to suit prevailing conditions. A stable and clearly defined plume of smoke up to 5m in length can be generated in an aerodynamically clean duct.


Technical Summary

Power supply:230 – 250 V ac : 50Hz or 110 – 120 V ac : 60 Hz Specify when ordering
Vaporiser Power Dissipation:90W max (30 V : 3 A ac)
Oil Consumption:average 60 ml/hr
Oil Capacity:max 400ml in 500ml integral container
Oil;Shell AOndina EL



  • Clearly Defined Plume
  • Variable Controls
  • Simple to Operate
  • Rapid Start Up
  • Low Oil Consumption
  • Oil Level Indicator
  • Hand Held Probe
  • Extension Handles
  • Replaceable Vaporisers
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