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ATE equipment is designed to give excellent performance and last decades. However, there is benefit in considering upgrading the equipment to improve security and performance. We have updated many of the ATE systems we installed over 30 years ago. We have recently upgraded an underfloor wind tunnel balance provided by a forma competitor for Pininfarina to accommodate the increase weight of EVs. This balance was over 50years old.

Due to the very nature of R&D, the ever changing and increasing demand for testing fidelity can require more from the older equipment than it was originally intended. ATE can help.

Where the equipment was originally provided by ATE, we can refer to our comprehensive records and offer recommendations for suitable and cost-effective upgrades. In the case of non-ATE supplied equipment, we offer an engineering investigation and reporting service, identifying the key parameters and preparing a report with costed recommendations for potential upgrades and enhancements.

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