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Sensor Positioning and Flow Surveying Systems

XYZ Cartesian Traverser

Cartesian traversers can survey a test volume using 3 degrees of movement. (X = direction of airflow, Y = at 90 deg to airflow and Z = vertical motion)

A multi-axis motion Rotary Manipulator can be added to the base of the Z strut for accurate positioning of pressure probes, microphones or other sensors.

Options for independently controlled twin strut systems have also been supplied.

Ate AEROTECH Large Cartesian Flow Survey Systems offer the complete solution for wind tunnel air flow measurement for large open plenum wind tunnels.

The system comprises, an ‘X’ beam suspended from the plenum roof on precision rails, enabling the beam to be moved cross wind. A telescopic carbon fibre ‘Z’ strut to allow vertical travel is also mounted on precision guide rails, on one side of the ‘X’ beam. The ‘Z’ strut has an adjustable Probe Support Pod fitted to its lower end, which is positioned in the Z axis by means of the Telescopic mechanism of the ‘Z’ strut. The ‘Z’ Strut travels along the ‘X’ beam positioning the probe support pod along the tunnel axis.

The system accurately positions the various probes to measure parameters such as pressure, velocity, temperature or acoustic noise within the wind tunnel test section, the probe is traversed around the model in order to survey a user selected range of locations, thus providing a profile for the measured parameter. Calibrated positional accuracy is of a high order and the sophisticated control algorithms allow intricate and accurate profiles to be achieved.


  • High Positional accuracy and repeatability for wind tunnel measurement
  • Low aerodynamic interference
  • Large survey area Coverage of the complete wind tunnel test section
  • High stiffness
  • High structural integrity
  • High aerodynamic stability
  • Fully programmable control and data acquisition capability
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