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Model Motion and Positioning

Race Car Model Motion Systems (MMS)


Overhead Support Struts:

  • Precision ride height control.
  • Can be mounted to an external overhead balance or, conversely, to an earth frame, above the test section with an internal, strain gauged balance in the model.
  • External Wheel Support Systems – automatically adjust with model position and attitude.
  • Internal Model Motion Systems for precision model attitude changes in Pitch, Yaw, and Roll.
  • Model Motion Systems can also be supplied with an integrated six component internal balance and complete with fully calibrated on-board digital signal conditioning.

Model Motion

The Ate AEROTECH Wind Tunnel Model Motion System is a compact unit which is designed to be installed within the cockpit area of a race car model. It provides the user with the ability to move the model in roll, pitch and yaw, rotation about the X, Y and Z axes respectively, and it is used in conjunction with the Overhead Support Strut to position the model and vary its attitude during aerodynamic testing. This system is designed for facilities which have an Overhead Balance installed for aerodynamic force measurement.


At the top of the system is the Sting Interface which protrudes through a protective cover. The Model Mounting plate extends along the underside of the system to provide an attachment for the chassis of the model. Three specifically designed precision actuator systems are used to ensure accurate and repeatable positioning of the system. An encoder is fitted to each of the drive systems and is used to monitor and control the position of the system, during motion. Limit switches are incorporated within each of the motion systems to prevent over-travel.



Technical Summary

Model Motion criteria are considered and determined during the design phase in conjunction with the user’s space envelope and load ranges. Typical motion values of a system suitable for a 50% scale model are shown below for guidance only.

Motion AxisMotion RangeRated Speed
Ax Roll±3° in minimum steps of 0.01°0.5°/sec
Ay Pitch±2° in minimum steps of 0.02°0.5°/sec
Az Yaw±10° in minimum steps of 0.04°0.5°/sec


  • Fully automated motion system
  • Model pitch, roll and yaw angle adjustment
  • Motion axes intersect at one common point
  • High positional accuracy and repeatability
  • Low deflection
  • Compact system
  • Limit switches prevent over travel
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