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Degree of Freedom Captive Trajectory System (CTS)

Commonly used for testing the interaction between an aircraft and the firing of a store, a CTS is required to have six degrees of freedom to position an object (Store) relative to a Model that is mounted to an independent Model Support System (MSS).  The CTS should provide movement of the Store in the X, Y, and Z axes and rotate it about these three axes.  Mounting of the Store is similar to the Model, being from the rear on a horizontal Sting and Supporting Arm.  The size of the supporting system should be minimised and suitably profiled to keep airflow blockage and interference behind the Model and Store as low as possible.

During testing the CTS will be subjected to aerodynamic loads that will be applied at a distance from the supporting mechanisms.  All motion system components must be rated to safely withstand these loads and provide automated movement with minimal deflection.

As a CTS is unlikely to be required for all tests it needs to be unobtrusive and removable to create a clear airline configuration when not being used.

ATE, using established principles has the potential to develop and build CTS for a wide range of wind tunnel configurations and speeds.










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