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ATE can offer a selection of different DAQ systems to suit the requirements of a varying range of projects in both commercial and research environments.  All are designed to capture reliable, repeatable, clean (wellfiltered) data, as well as having the capability to record un-filtered high-speed data for subsequent analysis of the behaviour of highly dynamic elements, with even extreme examples such as an aircraft model under stall conditions. Filter settings can be adjusted to ideally match the type of measurements required.

This range of capabilities enables the user to optimise the use of wind tunnel time, and has been used to collect data during continuous motion, without pausing and awaiting static stability.  Results have proved to be in very good agreement with earlier move-pause measurements, but can now be completed in a fraction of the time, making substantial gains in tunnel productivity.

An EtherCAT-based system is currently the most frequently used, and is able to collect data at frequencies up to 5kHz, with raw measurements being made at up to 10 kHz, each being time-stamped at source in order to be able to track dynamic behaviour, and match it with other data, including ATE’s motion controls as well as external data.  Modules are available for most types of signal source, including the strain-gauge bridge elements used in our balances.  The modular system can handle small or large numbers of channels as required.

The system is available for retro-fitting to existing balances, and is now the primary system offered with new ATE balances.

ATE AEROTECH’s HSDA system is designed for taking measurements from wind tunnel balances (both internal and external types) and has proved to be very popular in a variety of applications, particularly where a compact signal-conversion device is required for mounting very close to the source.  Data can be collected at up to 300 Hz, from a raw measurement at 4.8kHz with full 24-bit resolution, with selectable filter settings.


If you might have an application for the DAQ systems, ATE will be very happy to discuss it with you, and to provide technical details and references. We are not always free to publish details of the applications, but our clients are often very happy to talk about their experience with the new Aerotech system.


These systems system has been developed due to demand from wind tunnel users wanting to move towards high speed data sampling to enable them to:

  1. Take data in real time to see high frequency effects.
  2. Take data during continuous sweep movements.
  3. Take data during contoured moves, with precise timing.
  4. Sample data quicker for better productivity.
  5. Remove unwanted frequencies..
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